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Whack Your Ex is an online flash game developed by Tom Winkler and released in 2008. It gained widespread popularity due to its dark humor and unique gameplay, and has since spawned several sequels and spin-offs.


The gameplay of Whack Your Ex is simple yet entertaining. The player takes on the role of a character who has just broken up with their partner, and the objective is to take revenge on the ex-partner by finding and using various objects in the environment to whack them in creative and gruesome ways. The game features over 20 different ways to whack the ex, ranging from traditional weapons like knives and guns to more unconventional methods like using a piranha or a microwave.


The game has very few rules, and the player is free to experiment and try out different ways to whack the ex. The only limitation is that the player must find the objects in the environment and use them to inflict damage on the ex, while avoiding getting killed in the process.


The controls of Whack Your Ex are simple and intuitive. The player can use the mouse to interact with objects in the environment and perform various actions, such as picking up a weapon or using an object to whack the ex. The game also features several interactive elements, such as doors and drawers, that the player can open and search for useful items.

Developer and Platforms

Whack Your Ex was developed by Tom Winkler, a flash game developer based in the United Kingdom. The game was originally released on the website Newgrounds, which is a popular platform for hosting and sharing user-generated content. The game has since been ported to several other platforms, including mobile devices and gaming consoles, and has gained a large following on social media and video sharing platforms.

Other Popular Games by the Developer

Tom Winkler has developed several other popular games, including Whack Your Boss and Whack Your Neighbor, which follow a similar formula of creative and violent revenge against an annoying or disliked character. He has also developed more lighthearted games, such as Don't Shit Your Pants and Save the Sheriff, which feature humorous and challenging gameplay.

In conclusion, Whack Your Ex is a darkly humorous and entertaining game that has gained a large following due to its unique gameplay and creative ways to exact revenge on an ex-partner. Its popularity has led to several sequels and spin-offs, as well as a loyal fanbase on social media and video sharing platforms.

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